Just as all organs in a human body must be in harmony with one another to maintain overall health, the various organs in a farm must also be balanced and healthy for a farm organism to function fully. In a human being, healthy organs enable us to attain the higher function of self-consciousness. It is also true in an agricultural organism that all organs must be healthy for the farm to function at a higher level. This higher function in a farm means it is possible for the plants, animals, even the mineral world to communicate with the planets and cosmos, as well as the Earth and earthly forces.

In any agricultural endeavor, whether a farm, a park, a garden, or landscaping around a building of any kind, creating a harmonious balance aids the fertility and vitality of the garden itself, but also aids the buildings, the animals, and the humans inhabiting that space. We must be aware of the basic needs of any organism and find ways to supplement where there may be something lacking, or to mitigate forces that are too strong.

An analogy to help us picture the farm organism can be seen in musical octaves. If a C chord of C-E-G is struck, it creates a harmonious chord. If the E note in that octave is not functioning, a harmonious chord can still be created by playing the E in a higher octave. It is not precisely the same, but still harmonious. thus, in an agricultural organism where there is an excess of water, for example, we can mitigate the excess by using plants that are strong in fire and air forces.

The levels or octaves of the agricultural organism proceed from the geological Earth elements through to the spiritual aspects of the community involved and supported by the agricultural organism. These are further outlined in the segments in the sidebar.