Spiritual Architecture

a dialog between man, matter and the cosmos
The word “architecture” comes from two Greek words, arche and tecton. John’s Gospel begins with the word arche where it is translated, “in the beginning.” But arche actually has two translations: it means“first in time,” but can also mean “first as a cause.” In John’s Gospel it means the “first that generated everything.” The is the true meaning of arche.

Arche, in architecture, is the first cause that has the strength to guide everything. Nowadays, architecture is seen as an art which is always subjective. But, the true meaning has, for the most part, been lost and replaced with the fashion of the day rather than the consciousness associated with the creation for its intended purpose. Arche, in the true sense of the word, carries far greater significance and is what Viva la Vida strives to understand and respond to.

Tecton is the second part of the word architecture. Technique comes from this Greek word. So, the impulse for the true arche must be guided by very good technique. Sadly, in our modern world, low cost and expediency have taken the place of both the art and technique of design for buildings and landscaping.


Education and Guidance

We provide education and guidance for designing and constructing buildings, gardens, parks, and landscaped areas. We focus on sacred geometry, appropriate ratios, placement of attributes in accordance with the flow of life forces on the site, and the choice and enhancement of materials to increase the health and vitality of the entire project. Through care and attention to the “form” of what we create, we can raise the quality to levels which actually bring health to those inhabiting the spaces.

Adaptation and Mitigation

We can also help to adapt already constructed buildings and apply products and techniques to counteract the effects of modern construction materials which take away from our health at all levels, physical, soul and spiritual. We can mitigate the damaging effects of materials containing chemicals which off-gas into the environment, EMF and Wifi waves, and the devitalizing effects of drywall, as some examples.