Our world is now, more than ever before, suffering the effects of climate crisis: the reduction of animal and plant biodiversity, desertification and erosion of farmland, clean drinking water becoming an increasingly precious resource, and the fertility of the Earth being compromised by pollution. The restoration of the Earth itself, and the renewal of its ecological and climate balance, is one of the basic objectives for those who want to establish a conscious relationship with nature.

Aware of these crises, Eureka Institute in Italy has been working for years to develop adequate methodologies to bring about real and lasting solutions. Through research in the field of homeopathy, Eureka can now address pollution problems using isotherapeutic products. After years of testing, these products have proven both highly effective at remediating pollution without leaving any kind of harmful residue, and cost effective.

The use of the methodology, called Trinium, maintains scientific objectivity, while also being an act of conscience and compassion for the Earth. Viva la Vida Foundation is working in cooperation with and under the guidance of Enzo Nastati from Eureka Institute to bring these methods to the western hemisphere. Viva la Vida can now sell and consult on the Trinium method.

What is an isotherapic product?
An isotherapic product (from the Greek "iso" = the same, and "therapeutic" = care), is a product that treats a disease process using the same substance that caused the disease, or another substance directly connected to it. This means that by using the actual polluting substance at extremely high dilutions, a homeopathic remedy can be made which brings about a healing reaction in the body or biological system.

Eureka creates specific isotherapic products for different pollutants using homeopathic techniques. The Trinium products are sold by Eureka Institute and distributed by Viva la Vida Foundation to North America and parts of Central and South America.