Enzo Nastati

Enzo Nastati is the principle director of The Eureka Institute in Italy. He has been a biodynamic farmer and researcher for decades, and understands, from a deep and dedicated study of Rudolf Steiner’s work, that the biodynamic agricultural method was always intended to be developed and fortified to meet changing demands over time. After publishing over 80 books on agriculture, animal management, bees, and Spiritual Science (the holistic philosophy of Rudolf Steiner), Mr. Nastati’s work has been recognized around the world where he lectures, consults, and conducts continuing research.

Enzo has spent the past 40 years researching and developing preparations and application techniques to further meet the demands of our modern day. His work addresses the difficulties presented by electromagnetic fields, radioactive pollution, industrial pollution, water quality deterioration, GMOs, and other harmful effects of modern technology.

Enzo's European Curriculum Vitae (CV)