Doors and Windows

Flow of Life Forces

We are striving to build a house that is in resonance with all the spiritual forces, but also to radiate health and vitality to those inhabiting it and the surrounding environment. We therefore want to build a house that brings harmonious forces to the soul and to the etheric body, as well a provide shelter and protection to the physical body.

We saw how the form, size and angle of the foundations can assist in the ascent of spiritual forces from within the earth. So, too the roof can assist in the descent of spiritual forces from the whole cosmos. But, in the middle, there is the point of exchange. In a house this point of exchange is the windows and doors which sit in the middle of the walls. The windows become the opening which allows the exchange of spiritual forces. For this reason, the form, placement, size, and ratio of the windows is important.

Chthonic forces, the forces of Mother Earth, rise up through the forms of the foundations and enter the house on the inside of the walls and exit through the windows. The celestials forces from above descend on the outside of the house and enter through the windows. Thus, the windows need to be in harmonic proportions in golden mean to assist and enhance this exchange. We attempt to assist the dialogue between the incarnated forces inside the house and the free flowing forces outside the house through the use of carefully designed ratios and form of the windows and doors. Clearly, in a two story house, the windows must be in alignment one above the other in order for the exchange of forces to be possible. Asymmetric placement of windows will prevent the flow to proceed and the chthonic forces will be trapped inside the house and the celestial forces will be unable to enter.

Another way we can help the flow of life forces within a house is by the angle the windows are set into the walls. The light from outside enters through the windows with the celestial forces. A 30° angle is the best for the celestials because 30° is the angle of light. The chthonic are inside the house and need to exit through a window and the best angle to help them travel outside is 42°

We always want to assist movement, dynamism. What shape of window will assist dynamism? There can be incarnating dynamism or excarnating dynamism. Covering the top left corner of a square or rectangular window creates and excarnating dynamism. Covering the top right corner creates an incarnating dynamism. Then, the light that enters one of these windows is put into movement as an asymmetric lemniscate. When the biggest part of the lemniscate is clockwise, it is excarnating. If the biggest part is anti-clockwise, it is incarnating.

Another way to enhance the quality of a building is to make the trim moulding around doors and windows in golden mean proportions. We can create a therapeutic influence every time we enter through a door, or look out a window, by the golden mean of the surrounding the moulding.

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