A little History

In the Beginning

In 2013, Caren von Gontard of Rancho del Gallo, a biodynamic farm in Paonia, Colorado, invited Enzo Nastati to come to the United States to give a seminar titled “How to Make Biodynamics Work Better.” That first seminar had about 30 participants, who soon became dedicated attendees at the next seminars. The results of the methodology which Enzo taught us in the first seminar were, in no uncertain terms, remarkable.

The next steps in our learning process were seminars in 2015 called Spiritual Agriculture, Man is the Preparation, part 1 and part 2. These were participatory seminars of deep spiritual significance for all of us. We learned to develop within ourselves the ability to engage directly with the 4 Kingdoms of Nature and activate processes for healing the earth, beginning with our own selves.

In August 2015, Enzo returned to teach a seminar called Depollution, an unusual term which, nevertheless, explains precisely the goal. We learned to remove pollutants from soil and water using isotherapic methods of homeopathy. This is groundbreaking work which Enzo is currently applying in Greece, China, and other areas in Europe.

Our final seminar of 2015 was Spiritual Architecture when we learned how to plan and construct new buildings, and how to improve existing buildings to bring more vital forces to all the planes of existence: physical, soul, and spiritual.


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