Past Seminars/Workshops

    June 25th-27th, 2019 - Paonia, CO
    The 3-day seminar covered the transformation of entities from obstacles to helpers in terrestrial evolution and in multi-dimensional systems.

    June 22nd, 2019 - Soquel, CA
    This Keynote address presented a view of Rudolf Steiner's Agriculture Course, held in 1924 in Koberwitz, as a synthesis of the relationships with agriculture of the past, the present and the future. A deeper look into agriculture leading to an understanding of the additional agricultural seminars proposed by Rudolf Steiner, but never delivered.
    June 19th-21st, 2019 - Soquel, CA
    This 3-day seminar focused on the heart in the physical, etheric, soul and spiritual planes to allow us to develop a new relationship with the spiritual worlds, love and life in nature.

  • Astrosophy
    November 2nd-4th, 2018 - Paonia, CO The 3-day seminar on Astrosophy enabled us to take a look into the deeper aspects of the new science of the stars which Rudolf Steiner brought to the world.

  • Herbal Remedies and Food Preservation
    November 1st, 2018 - Paonia, CO This one-day seminar focused on making and preserving herbal remedies and foods to "lift" the qualities from the physical plane to the higher planes

  • Mans Journey from Creature to Creature
    March 2018, Paonia, CO
    In this 5-day seminar we discussed the circulation of Life and how to access “doors” to the impulses of Life. We discussed the imbalances and pathologies deriving from an incorrect circulation. The development of the Earth-Sun and the operational steps to determine its formation and the process of going from creatures to creators to bring Life into the inanimate

  • Trinium Spiritual Seminar
    May 2017, Paonia, CO
    In this 2-day seminar we learned the significance of machines in our lives and how we can protect ourselves and the environment. We had some examples of adaptations made to machines to help elevate their resonance with the moral ether. We also learned about the 13 Universal Cosmic Laws and how to activate them in our own lives.
  • Basic Trinium Agriculture Method
    May 2017, Paonia, CO
    In this 3-day seminar we learned the basis and the evolution of the Trinium Method of Agriculture. The seminar included the use of the appropriate sprays for spring and summer, an agricultural organism in harmony with the principles of the natural world and the 5 Elements, and more.

  • Spiritual Architecture - The building: an opportunity of dialogue for man between the laws of matter and the laws of the Cosmos
    April 2016, Paonia, CO
    Architectural structures can support life or take away life forces. Buildings for humans or for animals, sheds and workshops on farms, commercial structures, all have a capability to support the activities within them, or detract from them. In this seminar, we studied the four types of ecology, the three processes in the house and the three spiritual poles in the man, Ethers, Elements and Physical Forces, Subnature forces, what supports or inhibits the flow of Life, the importance of forms and the use of Sacred Geometry, building materials, hygienic use of colors, Geopathologies, methods to reharmonize an existing building or to design and construct a healthy building, and finally, the garden and larger landscape as a means to support the overall project.
  • Spiritual Agriculture Part 2 - Agriculture as a practical way of awareness and love for a new dialogue with the Life
    November 2015 - Paonia, CO
    Following on from Spiritual Ag Part 1 and our personal work to purify ourselves, we studied the flowing of life from the unmanifested to the manifested, and further investigated the Celestial, Chthonic and Median forces in the life of the plant. We learned practical ways to enhance the life capability of plants, humus building, the radiating force of trees through methods of pruning, the “why” of wild plants and various so-called pest species, parasites, etc. All Nature unfolds in Space, Time, Earthly Life and Evolution (including karma). They are nothing but a terrestrial "reflection" of the Spiritual realities of Space, Time, Cosmic Life and Evolutionary Design. Knowing and overcoming the limits of Space, Time, Life and Evolutionary Design, allows us to become the 10th Celestial Hierarchy, and, as such, operate as a co-creators. In an agriculture of love, we understand how to activate life processes with the strength of the heart and operate new spiritual healing interventions for plants and soil.
  • Depollution - A theoretical and practical seminar
    August 2015 - Paonia, CO
    Pollution is a phenomenon that affects use all directly, but often we only consider the physical aspects. What are its spiritual aspects? How can we defend ourselves practically? How can we help ourselves and our planet? Pollution exists in our drinking water, rivers, oceans, as well as in our soils, subsoils and landfills. But there are other pollutants, such as electromagnetism, radioactivity; the pollutants of life such as GMOs, GE, transplants; and the pollutants of the heavens in the air and space around the earth.
  • Man is the Preparation - Spiritual Agriculture Part 1
    January 2015 - Paonia, CO
    Each living being is a specific bridge between macrocosm and microcosm. But only humans have within them the complete function of this bridge. Man, with his conscious free action, is called to be the tool of support, of help for the evolution of the Life of all kingdoms. To do so, man is called to take a path which will bring him back to the original state of purity. In this seminar, we learned the 7 steps necessary for man to “become” a life bearer at the service of the evolutionary design, and thereby fulfill his true role as a co-creator in the world.
  • How to make Biodynamics work better
    October 2013 - Paonia, CO and Crestwood, Kentucky
    In these two seminars, Enzo gave an introductory course about biodynamics as Steiner intended it to be developed. Closely following the Agricultural Course Steiner gave in 1924, Enzo elaborated methods to make the preparations work better, the use of the farm as an organism to increase the vitality, and the spiritual aspects underlying it all. This seminar is an invaluable tool for anyone wishing to understand why Steiner gave the indications he did, and how we can make them work now and in the future.
  • Space & Time: two forms that limit our divine being
    November 3rd through 5th 2017, Paonia, CO
    How can we understand those limits, overcome them, and move forward toward our evolutionary goals. The seminar will address various aspects of Space and Time, both interior and exterior, as a means of following a path of inner transformation that begins to unite us to the Divine.
  • Water: the Foundation of Biological Life and the Support of Spiritual Life
    November 5th through 8th 2017, Paonia, CO
    How can we know water and how can we vitalize her to meet the needs in the environmental, agricultural, and nutritional realms.

  • Drought: its deeper causes and how we can address it
    November 10th through 12th 2017, Santa Fe, NM
    How can we understand the occult significance of drought and meet its challenges.