Mission Statement

The mission of the Viva la Vida Foundation is to “Heal the Earth.” The guiding principles behind our mission, our methods, and our implementation are based on the Spiritual Science of Rudolf Steiner and the research and development work of Enzo Nastati of the Eureka Institute in Italy.

Earth healing in Action

We can only “heal the earth” if we first become conscious of the factors which create imbalances within the natural systems of our environment, such as pollution, decreased vitality in plants and animals, depleted soil, and changes in climate conditions. Only then can we work to remediate those imbalances. Our School of Spiritual Agriculture is an educational center with the primary focus to train farmers and growers in the Trinium method of agriculture.

Viva la Vida Foundation is a unique non-profit foundation because, through the use of Trinium preparations, the Widdar products developed by the Eureka Institute, we have a way to activate soils to address pollutants and at the same time fertilize the land. Through the sale and use of Widdar products we are, literally, healing the earth. The sale of those products funds our mission for an agricultural school to train farmers to go out into the world with the skills and knowledge to spread this methodology, which again fulfills our mission.

Through a variety of agricultural, environmental and therapeutic research projects and educational trainings, we disseminate our own trial results and those which the Eureka Institute conducts around the world. We train students in the use of the methods of agriculture that heal and nurture our soils, plants, animals, water, and in the process, ourselves.

Our research work also includes: depollution (environmental restoration) of soil and water; the design and implementation of agricultural organisms; bee/pollinator guardianship education and bee integration into agricultural organisms; the design and use of therapeutic buildings which support the health of our communities, our homes, and our farms.

We are committed to community involvement and participation in the educational and research processes. We also commit to provide opportunities for continuing education for all age levels by offering seminars, workshops, internships, and guided research projects.